Funginix vs. Zetaclear: Which Treatment Should You Apply on your Nails?

As the number of people suffering from nail fungus grew, the quantity of supposed treatments also swelled. However, among the different products that have been introduced to the general public,  two medications have especially won the heart of consumers. Funginix, which was first known in the market as Fungisil, is very popular to those who want to put an end to their nail misery. Zetaclear has also established its reputation as a truly effective solution to any nail fungus problem.

With the overwhelming positive reviews that both Zetacler and Funginix are receiving, some consumers wonder: Which of them is the best on the market? This side-by-side review will assist you in answering this question.

Funginix: A Closer Look

In July 2008, Fungisil was introduced to the market as a remedy for nail fungus. Two years later, its manufacturer, the Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation, rebranded the product into what the public now know as Funginix. Despite the change of name, it is still the same formula.

Funginix, is a topical medication that helps nail fungus victims improve their condition in as early as two weeks. A lot of persons have attested that they have seen a significant improvement on their nails after around 15 days of using the product. After 6 months or so, the vast majority of users reported healthy and shiny nails.

Zetaclear: A Closer Look

Zetaclear, a product manufactured by Health Buy, is another safe and natural nail fungus treatment that was first released in September 2007. Since then, it has never failed to comply with its promise to offer a highly effective medication for nail fungal infections.

Zetaclear combines a topical gel that should be applied directly on the infection along with a homeopathic spray that will boost your immune system to better fight the infection from the inside. People often see initial results from this product after 1-2 weeks and achieve a complete cure after 6-12 weeks of continuous application. Even those who have extreme cases can see a significant improvement on their nails after six months.

Funginix vs. Zetaclear: The Verdict

Both products have excellent track records so it can be really hard to decide which of the two is the best solution for your nails. The good news is that in any case, you will make a good choice because both of them are able to put an end to the misery of people suffering from embarrassing and painful fungus on their toenails and fingernails.

Moreover if for any reason you do not wish to use one treatment or if you did not achieve the desired results with one of them, you know that you have a good alternative for treating your nail fungus problem. Whatever your choice is, the most important step toward healthy nails is getting a cure as early as possible and preferably with one of these effective treatments.

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