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Just a thank you for Funginix! I’m 77 and have suffered from nail fungus over 15 years, including time living in China where natural remedies were abundant. None succeeded. Your Newsletter got my curiosity because of effectiveness reported for older people care, and I ordered a bottle of Funginix a month ago. Following your instructions, my nail fungus has nearly cleared, and I am ordering two more bottles for continuing elimination of nail fungus!”

Wayne W. (Tulsa, OK)

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I have been using Funginix for 2 months by now. I should admit that it was difficult to follow instructions 100% and apply it twice a day: some days I applied only once, some days I did not use it at all. It became easier to follow instructions when the weather changed to warmer temperature, I could walk bear foot and apply Funginix at any time. I feel completely cured by now – my left big toe nail that was infected looks 100% healthy now – clear and uniform in color – the same as my right big toe. I am very much impressed and highly satisfied with the treatment results. And as I do not use nail polish I am glad that now at summer time I can wear open shoes and have all my nails shown :-)

Tatyana M. (Florida)

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“Finally!! I’m writing to you because after 17 long years of living with nail fungus, I thought I’d never find a cure that worked for me. After using Funginix for 5 months, I’m now fungus-free and wearing sandals for the first time in forever! Thanks so much and hooray for Funginix!”

Roxanne L. (Columbus, OH)

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