Funginix Ingredients: Are They Free of Side Effects?

When it comes to finding an effective cure for nail fungus infections, consumers often inquire about the ingredients of the treatment that they are about to use. They are also concerned about its safety and whether or not it has side effects.

Funginix has proven to be very effective in helping people who are suffering from nail fungal complications. But is the efficiency of Funginix coupled by safety? And are Funginix ingredients free of side effects?

The 3 Main Ingredients of Funginix and Their Benefits

1.)  Camphor – extracted from the Camphor tree, this herbal remedy is a stimulant and a decongestant, meaning it is good for your metabolism, blood circulation, and respiratory tract. More significantly, camphor is anti-inflammatory. It gives a cooling effect and is proven to be a good cure for internal and external inflammations. If not taken in the right dosage though, this can cause stiffness, lethargy, nausea, or chills.

2.)  Tea Tree Oil – is one of nature’s antibacterial disinfectants that are very effective in getting rid of infectious organisms. The scientific community has already proven this essential oil’s potency in treating fungal illnesses and other skin disorders. However, if ingested, this can cause diarrhea, poisoning, and even coma. Also, if you place undiluted tea tree oil on your skin, this can lead to itchiness, rashes, and irritations.

3.)  Undecylenic Acid – this is a fatty acid that efficiently prohibits the growth of fungus on the skin. For some people though, topical application of this can cause irritations and allergies.

So, if these are the ingredients of Funginix, does that mean that the product has worrisome side effects?

Although the above-mentioned components do have adverse outcomes if used inappropriately, their potential side effects are systematically neutralized by the combination of their properties and the careful therapeutic dosage done by Funginix manufacturer to extract the most out of them in the safest possible way. The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation, the manufacturer of this treatment, conducted a very thorough and careful research before releasing Funginix to the market. This nail fungus medication has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it is both risk-free and effective. Whether you are currently nursing a baby or trying to get pregnant, Funginix is not dangerous to use. It is also safe to apply on children and infants’ nails.


A lot of people have already responded positively to this nail fungus infection treatment. Funginix’s ingredients are very effective and are blended through proven scientific methods to ensure that the medication is free of dangerous side effects and will help you improve your condition in the shortest period of time.

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